Infect Me

Infect me with your beautiful smile
Let me feel the glow of your joy

Permeate me with your heady perfume
Let me experience what heaven smells like

Capture me with your beguiling gestures
Let me again become the fool that fell for you

Conquer me with your winning ways
Let me be yours always, every day

Occupy me with your sweet sweet love
Let my thoughts always be with you

Secure me with your selfless care
Let me bask in my glorious happiness

Pervade me with your undying affection
Let me relish my great good fortune

Cradle me with your soft caresses
Let me never wake up from this dream

Fill me with gratitude by being in my life
Let me make this day last a little longer

No matter when our lives on this planet may end
I will forever cherish these moments
Of togetherness

The Emperor

You rescued Europe with the Marshall Plan
To end the great war you nuked Japan
You killed Osama Bin Laden - an evil man
Heck, you even took on the Taliban

You gave us Google and Amazon
Also Facebook, that greatest con
And the NBA, an exemplar of brawn
It seemed there was nothing you could not spawn

You helped defeat Al Qaeda and Isis
You led the world out of the financial crisis
You found vaccines for polio and typhus
Because of your work, how safe our life is

You landed on the moon and came back
You invented Xanax and gave us Prozac
You fed the world with fries and the Big Mac
Anything that’s fancy is still a Cadillac

You created the PC and the iPhone
You cooked up the hot dog and the waffle cone
You taught us to fight our wars with a drone
Of human progress you became the touchstone

Now a tiny virus has you in its throes
Like a deer in headlights you appear to have froze
Every day your stock market plumbs new lows
It looks like The Emperor Has No Clothes!


Life can become a lot more fun
If you give it a sense of purpose
Life becomes a void if it has none
A black hole that can usurp us

A purpose - it need not mean
Anything lofty, majestic or profound
It’s a thing from which you can glean
Contentment, pleasure, joy unbound

A purpose - it imbues your simplest act
With a deeper reason or aspiration
It can help your work have an impact
It can help you provide inspiration

A purpose - even the simplest one
Can work wonders for a woman or a man
It really can be quite as simple as
To be helpful to others when you can

A purpose - it’s like a beacon that guides
The ships and boats through a storm
With its light they can navigate the tides
It can illuminate, educate and inform

All the great philosophers of history
Have asked what’s life and how to live it
I have found that there’s no great mystery
The purpose of your life is what you give it


I view every face with suspicion
In a crowd I hold my breath
This is how you’ve clouded my vision
Where I once saw life I now see death

They tell me to keep “social distance”
They tell me to remain at home
They tell me I’m old and lack resistance
So I am confined now, while you roam

It’s not only lives you destroy
You can decimate an entire nation
Does this give you some devilish joy
While we squirm, helpless, at your invasion?

Just as our nasty wars were ending
And the world heaved a sigh of peace
Just as our broken fences were mending
We now face your deadly disease

So all my plans are now on hold
Everything is suddenly uncertain
Dumbly I watch your drama unfold
Will I survive it, or is it curtains?

I feel you gnawing at my insides
I fear that you’ll forever remain
You may not yet be in my body
But you’ve surely invaded my brain

The Word

Which is the one word
We use a hundred times a day
But rarely if ever think about

Which is the one word
We’ve ruined with overuse
It’s one we can’t live without

Which is the one word
That has lost its meaning
While mankind thinks it's progressed

Which is the one word
That can lift us from the morass
Into which we’ve all regressed

Which is the one word
That has become shorthand
For unbridled prurience and lust

Which is the one word
That has lost its true beauty
It also means respect and trust

Which is the one word
That has the power to end
These endless cycles of strife

Which is the one word
That has the power to bring
A fresh new meaning to life

Which is the one word
We need to learn again
The real, true meaning of

Which is the one word
We utter but seldom mean
The word, ma chérie, is love


The night is so dark
I have to touch my face
To know it’s even there

I sit myself down
With my head bowed low
I try hard not to despair

I peer in every direction
Looking for someone, anyone
No, they’ve all gone away

In a nearby tree
I hear the rustle of leaves
A lark? A finch? A blue jay?

And just like that
The bird begins to sing
A song I haven’t heard before

A song so sweet
That my loneliness retreats
And my spirit begins to soar

I begin to wonder
For whom the bird sings
Surely it cannot be for me

I listen intently
For her companion
No, she’s all alone in the tree

And suddenly
It dawns on me
Her pleasure is all her own

You can find joy
In your solitude
You sing best when you sing alone

Everyday Things

Life is a thing most people take for granted
For me, life is knowing I love you with every heartbeat

Death is a thing most people are afraid of
For me, death only means I won’t see you again for a while

Love is a thing that means many things to many people
For me, love is realizing how much you mean to me

Loss is a thing people feel when they lose what’s precious
For me, loss is missing you every second you are away

Wealth is a thing most people covet but only a few get
For me, wealth means nothing ‘cause I treasure you

Health is a thing that most people care and fret about
For me, health is glowing in the warmth of your care

Faith is a thing that makes people believe strange things
For me, faith is believing you will always be there for me

Values are a thing that makes people what they are
For me, our shared values have kept you and me together

Friends are a thing that most people cherish
For me, friends there are many but you are my best

Foes are a thing that bothers most people
For me, foes are no bother as long as you’re by my side

Joys are a thing that everybody lives for
For me, it’s a joy just to spend my days with you

Sorrows are a thing that no one ever wishes for
For me, sorrows took flight the moment you arrived

Dreams are a thing that helps people look forward
For me, every dream came true when I first held your hand

Hope is a thing that helps people face each new day
For me, hope springs anew every day I am with you

Life, death, love, loss, wealth, health, faith, values
Friends, foes, joys, sorrows, dreams, hopes….

Everyday things that everyone thinks about
Every day of my life I only think about you