Who Am I

When I don’t know who I am
How can I know you
How can I even pretend
To comprehend
Who you are

Looking back on the years
It seems as though
Our life’s been
A rainbow of feelings
Of every color

Sometimes anger, often love
Sometimes just wild lust
Sometimes sorrow, often regret
And sometimes
Just searing pain

What did we learn and keep
From our experiences
The same worn-out pieces
Of the corporeal life: Shattered
Then mended again

I am not the same man
That I was yesterday
I change every day
A clairvoyant today: Tomorrow
I may be blind

Sometimes I stand
In front of the mirror
The stranger I see
In front of me: Who is he
I do not know

Who am I really
And who are you
Such are the fugitive liaisons
Of migrant birds: Soon to fly away
Never to meet again