The Emperor

You rescued Europe with the Marshall Plan
To end the great war you nuked Japan
You killed Osama Bin Laden - an evil man
Heck, you even took on the Taliban

You gave us Google and Amazon
Also Facebook, that greatest con
And the NBA, an exemplar of brawn
It seemed there was nothing you could not spawn

You helped defeat Al Qaeda and Isis
You led the world out of the financial crisis
You found vaccines for polio and typhus
Because of your work, how safe our life is

You landed on the moon and came back
You invented Xanax and gave us Prozac
You fed the world with fries and the Big Mac
Anything that’s fancy is still a Cadillac

You created the PC and the iPhone
You cooked up the hot dog and the waffle cone
You taught us to fight our wars with a drone
Of human progress you became the touchstone

Now a tiny virus has you in its throes
Like a deer in headlights you appear to have froze
Every day your stock market plumbs new lows
It looks like The Emperor Has No Clothes!