Fellow Man

“Give me liberty or give me death”
Screams the sign on your city hall
Now that you face a real choice
I wonder how you can stand so tall

All of a sudden that authoritarian
Who can lock down his own people at will
Begins to look like a great benefactor
As your democracies stumble and spill

The custodians of your constitutions
Wring their hands and scratch their heads
And your hollowed-out institutions
Don’t have enough ventilators, or even beds

Your leaders are asking you to choose
Between death and a fate that may be worse
Well it’s too late now - you elected them
In the name of ideology you brought on the curse

Your CEOs sleep in their mansions of gold
While you toiled ever harder, they got rich
They’ll get big bailouts from their friends
While you stay stranded in the same old ditch

Ever wonder how we became so inhuman
We won’t help our own in their hour of need
Capitalism without a trace of compassion
Has another name - it’s called plain greed

Wake up now, friend, while there’s still time
Wake up and change the world - yes you can
Or it’s not this scourge that will destroy you
I hate to tell you this, but it’ll be your fellow man