Sometimes I’ll just do stupid stuff
Behind it there’s no desire to hurt you
Sometimes I’ll keep a thought to myself
It’s not a secret – I don’t mean to be untrue

Sometimes I might use the wrong words
And then wish I’d chosen them with care
Sometimes I might not talk about things
It does not mean I’ve nothing to share

Sometimes I might free-associate
Depends on where my mind has been
Sometimes you may think me a know-all
Even though I have no desire to preen

Sometimes I will express a wish
It’s a reflex, not an act of cunning
Sometimes I will offer an argument
It doesn’t mean I’m fixated on winning

Sometimes I do forget to remember
Later that day I’m wracked with guilt
Sometimes I do remember to forget
So we can hold on to what we’ve built

Sometimes I am just a bumbling idiot
Not the monster you make me to be
If your perception destroys my reality
It’ll be the end of my sanity – and of me