Sand Pit

You created me in your own image
You manufactured myths about me
You invented me to serve your evil ends
In my name you enslaved the free

You conceived me so you could inflict
The worst injustice on your fellow men
You fabricated me so you could atone for
The sins you commit with your sword and pen

You concocted me so you could fight
The bloodiest wars anyone has seen
You contrived me so you could slight
Those different from you as hadean

You devised me so you could divide
Nation and people, sister and brother
You designed me so you could bestride
Each one you pitted against the other

You forged me so you could legitimize
Your brazen acts of cowardice
You framed me so you could aggrandize
Your shameless, limitless avarice

You engendered me so you could denigrate
Followers of other faiths as “infidel”
You constructed me so you could celebrate
The merciless ringing of their death knell

No matter, dear child, I will let you play
Your cruel games in your sand pit
But please remember, on judgment day
It’s going to hurt just a wee little bit

The Great Unknown

A new day arrives
With it my spirit revives
But soon my mind dives
Into the great unknown

I am but a withered dry leaf
My journey now is all too brief
I hope I’ll be blown, to my relief
Into the great unknown

I feel like a nameless pebble
The river wore down my inner rebel
I want to be thrown, away from trouble
Into the great unknown

I was born a barren seed
That grew into a worthless weed
I must believe my path will lead
Into the great unknown

I wish I was a little songbird
My tunes regaled with nary a word
Best of all, I’d fly undeterred
Into the great unknown

I want to be bright, like a firefly
Flit about, lighting the night sky
After my glow fades, then to die
Into the great unknown

I will float in, like a snowflake
Every new day a new shape to take
On a winter’s night, sleep and then wake
Into the great unknown

I am
A leaf that is blown
A pebble that is thrown
A seed that is sown
A bird that has flown
A drone that dies alone
A speck of snow that has shone
Into the great unknown


Be idealistic
So you’ll know where you want to go

Be sagacious
So you’ll know why you want to go there

Be clear-eyed
So your destination stays in your sight

Be inventive
So you’ll discover new ways to get there

Be tenacious
So your failures won’t ever stop you

Be grateful
So you won’t get angry along the way

Be disciplined
So your progress will be constant

Be patient
So the road blocks will not frustrate you

Be sympathetic
So everyone else will walk along with you

Be compassionate
So others will help you in your time of need

Be honest
So you see your successes and failures clearly

Be truthful
So your words are always respected by others

Be frugal
So you will take from this Earth only what you need

Be magnanimous
So all your achievements come through service

Be humble
So you will only see what is ahead of you

Be enlightened
So your path will stay lit even in the darkest hour

Let Go

I let go of everything
Just to see what’s left
I thought the loss of it all
Would leave me sad, bereft

I let go of my ambition
And my focus on the mission
It was causing much detrition
It was clouding my vision

I let go of my greed
Gave up craving what I didn’t need
To my amazement it freed
My mind from its selfish creed

I let go of my pride
That turned my Jekyll to Hyde
And decided to abide
As a realist, clear-eyed

I let go of my vanity
A source of much inanity
And embraced my humanity
To find my path to sanity

I let go of my lust
A fire that could combust
And lead to much distrust
Causing actions most unjust

I let go of all that I owned
Born alone, I shall die alone
The joy of possession I’ve known
Pales when I see how I’ve grown

I let go of everything
I answered an inner call
Nothing belongs to me anymore
Yet I belong to it all

Make It Stop

Every morning I wake up and face a new day
The first thing I do is kneel down and pray
Tell me how to make it stop

I see young children locked in a cage
My heart is overcome with rage
Tell me how to make it stop

Bystanders getting killed by thugs
Who want us all to buy their drugs
Tell me how to make it stop

Rich men who already have all they need
Still grab more with obscene greed
Tell me how to make it stop

Cowards send their sons and daughters
To fight their wars and get slaughtered
Tell me how to make it stop

Driven from their homes for taking a stand
Refugees exiled in their own homeland
Tell me how to make it stop

Another school shooting - I hear their screams
Innocents are dying - they haunt my dreams
Tell me how to make it stop

Parents grieving for their loved ones
Our politicians want still more guns
Tell me how to make it stop

Global warming has seared our souls
Yet our leaders want us to burn more coal
Tell me how to make it stop

Lies from the left, hatred from the right
We’re all stuck in the middle of this fight
Tell me how to make it stop

Racism, sexism, ageism, casteism
All that’s missing is simple humanism
Tell me how to make it stop

God, if you are really up there
And if you even pretend to care
Tell me how to make it stop


Call that long lost friend today
Stop and smell that winsome flower
Mail the letter you meant to send today
Get drenched in that warm spring shower

Join those kids skipping rope today
Chase that elusive butterfly
Peer into that kaleidoscope today
Fly your kite high in the sky

Go sit on that garden swing today
Build your castles in the sand
Yodel until they hear you sing today
Serenade your love - hold her hand

Say all that you mean today
Don’t hold it in your heart
You must wipe the slate clean today
Finish everything that you start

Go face the people you’ve fought with today
Say sorry and help clear the air
Find someone to share a thought with today
To whom you can lay your soul bare

Help that blind man cross the road today
Give that beggar a generous gift
If someone’s tired, lighten their load today
Soothe those in grief, help their spirits lift

Give away what you hold so dear today
To someone who has much less
What price can you put on their cheer today
Cherish it when they say “God bless!”

Strive for whatever it’s worth today
Do what you’ve always wanted to do
It may be your last day on Earth today
(Psst.. It’s the one thing they never tell you!)

Walk On*

You walk on
Through the darkest night
Because that is where
The next morning is

You bob and drift
On the ocean’s waves
Because that is where
The shore of reality is

You trudge forward
Through the winter’s snows
Because that is where
The spring's first bloom is

You ramble through
The thick brambly forest
Because that is where
The sweetest fruit is

You clamber up
The tall craggy mountain
Because that is where
The bliss of solitude is

You wander and roam
The city’s lonely streets
Because that is where
The warmth of home is

You toil hard
To get through the day
Because that is where
The joy of fulfillment is

You walk on
Through great adversity
Because to stop 
Is to cease to be