Good News

If you could use
A little good news
To help you get through the day

Have no fear
There’s lots of cheer
That I can bring your way

With my own eyes
I saw varicolored skies
As the sun rose in the east

The morning breeze
Put my mind to ease
As I enjoyed the harlequin feast

It wasn’t too long
‘Fore I heard the sweet song
Of the mynah on my windowsill

A bracing April shower
A carpet of jasmine flowers
My cup of bliss began to fill

I turned around
And to my delight, found
My loved one smiling at me

Yes, I am housebound
But my pleasures abound
Because I am happy just to be

When you feel stressed
Miserable, depressed
Just know that you will survive

When you keep your eyes
On life’s simple joys
You’ll know it’s great to be alive

Lose your fear and greed
Help those in dire need
Be generous, have an open mind

Dig into your reserve
To protect and to serve
Together, let’s save humankind


I view every face with suspicion
In a crowd I hold my breath
This is how you’ve clouded my vision
Where I once saw life I now see death

They tell me to keep “social distance”
They tell me to remain at home
They tell me I’m old and lack resistance
So I am confined now, while you roam

It’s not only lives you destroy
You can decimate an entire nation
Does this give you some devilish joy
While we squirm, helpless, at your invasion?

Just as our nasty wars were ending
And the world heaved a sigh of peace
Just as our broken fences were mending
We now face your deadly disease

So all my plans are now on hold
Everything is suddenly uncertain
Dumbly I watch your drama unfold
Will I survive it, or is it curtains?

I feel you gnawing at my insides
I fear that you’ll forever remain
You may not yet be in my body
But you’ve surely invaded my brain

Everyday Things

Life is a thing most people take for granted
For me, life is knowing I love you with every heartbeat

Death is a thing most people are afraid of
For me, death only means I won’t see you again for a while

Love is a thing that means many things to many people
For me, love is realizing how much you mean to me

Loss is a thing people feel when they lose what’s precious
For me, loss is missing you every second you are away

Wealth is a thing most people covet but only a few get
For me, wealth means nothing ‘cause I treasure you

Health is a thing that most people care and fret about
For me, health is glowing in the warmth of your care

Faith is a thing that makes people believe strange things
For me, faith is believing you will always be there for me

Values are a thing that makes people what they are
For me, our shared values have kept you and me together

Friends are a thing that most people cherish
For me, friends there are many but you are my best

Foes are a thing that bothers most people
For me, foes are no bother as long as you’re by my side

Joys are a thing that everybody lives for
For me, it’s a joy just to spend my days with you

Sorrows are a thing that no one ever wishes for
For me, sorrows took flight the moment you arrived

Dreams are a thing that helps people look forward
For me, every dream came true when I first held your hand

Hope is a thing that helps people face each new day
For me, hope springs anew every day I am with you

Life, death, love, loss, wealth, health, faith, values
Friends, foes, joys, sorrows, dreams, hopes….

Everyday things that everyone thinks about
Every day of my life I only think about you

Leaving Home

When I first left my home
A young lad of seventeen
I could not get farther faster
Every new pasture was green

When I first left my family
Tired of being poor and sad
I decided that going away
Was the only real chance I had

When I first left my city
That bore, raised and nurtured me
I couldn’t live there another day
Its gritty streets forced me to flee

When I first left my friends
With whom I read, wrote and played
I thought I would make new ones
But soon my hopes began to fade

When I first left my state
Whose ways I had imbibed so well
I had to find new experiences
I had to learn new stories to tell

When I first left my country
Whose life was the only one I’d known
I wanted money, fame, opportunity
Oh how impatient I had grown

I sit here now, a man with no home
No family, no friends, no city, no state
No country even to call his own
Blaming his doings on innocent Fate

“You only leave home once,”
A wise man had said to me
In a world that is full of people
There’s no one left to hear my plea

Tell Me How*

Tell me how you will come for me
Will you skulk quietly in the still of the night
Like a thief tiptoeing on padded feet
Trying desperately to stay out of sight

Tell me how you will come for me
Will you march in splendor, a carnival queen
With fanfare and glitz, sound and fury
Making quite sure you’re both heard and seen

Tell me how you will come for me
Will you be an assassin with your dagger drawn
Primed to perforate with your poniard of pain
And ensure my agony will forever drag on

Tell me how you will come for me
Will you bring with you an armload of reels
To play me the movie that was my own life
And show me how the real denouement feels

Tell me how you will come for me
A priest with cap, turban, collar or cloth
To petition me to regret, repent, rue and pray
For salvation from a life of sin, vice and sloth

Tell me how you will come for me
Whatever you do, please don’t end me violently
While old age and disease are most unpleasant
I’d rather not be a statistic, a daily tragedy

Tell me how you will come for me
Will you come as I know you - hood, scythe and mask
If you dispatch me with a quick coup de grâce
I shall follow you gladly, do everything you ask

Tell me how you will come for me
Will you be the one beautiful face I want to see
Will you be the one helping hand that holds me
Will you make it a pleasure for me to cease to be

Sand Pit

You created me in your own image
You manufactured myths about me
You invented me to serve your evil ends
In my name you enslaved the free

You conceived me so you could inflict
The worst injustice on your fellow men
You fabricated me so you could atone for
The sins you commit with your sword and pen

You concocted me so you could fight
The bloodiest wars anyone has seen
You contrived me so you could slight
Those different from you as hadean

You devised me so you could divide
Nation and people, sister and brother
You designed me so you could bestride
Each one you pitted against the other

You forged me so you could legitimize
Your brazen acts of cowardice
You framed me so you could aggrandize
Your shameless, limitless avarice

You engendered me so you could denigrate
Followers of other faiths as “infidel”
You constructed me so you could celebrate
The merciless ringing of their death knell

No matter, dear child, I will let you play
Your cruel games in your sand pit
But please remember, on judgment day
It’s going to hurt just a wee little bit

Missed You

I missed you like
A part of me was gone
I missed you like
This heart of me was gone

But just then
A warm breeze blew in
And like your caress
It electrified my skin

I missed you when
The sun rose yet there wasn’t light
I missed you when
The day felt like the darkest night

But just then
A firefly flitted by
And like your smile
It lit up the whole sky

I missed you so
My flowers seemed to wilt
I missed you so
My song had no lilt

But just then
I heard the church bell
And like your laugh
It told me all is well

I missed you with
Every heartbeat and breath
I missed you with
An ache worse than death

But just then
I felt a gentle rain
And like your love
It washed away my pain