Quick - before the sun
Dips under the horizon again
Let’s make this one
Last shadow rabbit on the wall

Quick - before the rain
Washes the sidewalk again
Let’s play this one
Last game of hopscotch

Quick - before the top
Stops spinning again
Let’s just this once
Relive our childhood

Quick - before the match
Goes out again
Let’s light this one
Last bright candle

Quick - before the music
Stops playing again
Let’s have this one
Last magical dance

Quick- before the second hand
Moves forward again
Let’s finish writing this
Last chapter of our story

Quick - this fleeting moment
May be the only one that’s left
Let’s try to make it
Last as long as it can

Which Me

Which me is the real me
The person that I am
Or the person I want to be

Which me is the real me
The person who chases mirages
Or the person grounded in reality

Which me is the real me
The one who’s an alien everywhere
Or the one for whom the world is family

Which me is the real me
The one who longs to belong
Or the one who’d rather roam free

Which me is the real me
The man standing on solid ground
Or the man who’s unmoored, all at sea

Which me is the real me
The man who has it all together
Or the man with a fractured personality

Which me is the real me
The person you fell in love with
Or the person you wanted to make of me

Good News

If you could use
A little good news
To help you get through the day

Have no fear
There’s lots of cheer
That I can bring your way

With my own eyes
I saw varicolored skies
As the sun rose in the east

The morning breeze
Put my mind to ease
As I enjoyed the harlequin feast

It wasn’t too long
‘Fore I heard the sweet song
Of the mynah on my windowsill

A bracing April shower
A carpet of jasmine flowers
My cup of bliss began to fill

I turned around
And to my delight, found
My loved one smiling at me

Yes, I am housebound
But my pleasures abound
Because I am happy just to be

When you feel stressed
Miserable, depressed
Just know that you will survive

When you keep your eyes
On life’s simple joys
You’ll know it’s great to be alive

Lose your fear and greed
Help those in dire need
Be generous, have an open mind

Dig into your reserve
To protect and to serve
Together, let’s save humankind


I view every face with suspicion
In a crowd I hold my breath
This is how you’ve clouded my vision
Where I once saw life I now see death

They tell me to keep “social distance”
They tell me to remain at home
They tell me I’m old and lack resistance
So I am confined now, while you roam

It’s not only lives you destroy
You can decimate an entire nation
Does this give you some devilish joy
While we squirm, helpless, at your invasion?

Just as our nasty wars were ending
And the world heaved a sigh of peace
Just as our broken fences were mending
We now face your deadly disease

So all my plans are now on hold
Everything is suddenly uncertain
Dumbly I watch your drama unfold
Will I survive it, or is it curtains?

I feel you gnawing at my insides
I fear that you’ll forever remain
You may not yet be in my body
But you’ve surely invaded my brain

Make It Stop

Every morning I wake up and face a new day
The first thing I do is kneel down and pray
Tell me how to make it stop

I see young children locked in a cage
My heart is overcome with rage
Tell me how to make it stop

Bystanders getting killed by thugs
Who want us all to buy their drugs
Tell me how to make it stop

Rich men who already have all they need
Still grab more with obscene greed
Tell me how to make it stop

Cowards send their sons and daughters
To fight their wars and get slaughtered
Tell me how to make it stop

Driven from their homes for taking a stand
Refugees exiled in their own homeland
Tell me how to make it stop

Another school shooting - I hear their screams
Innocents are dying - they haunt my dreams
Tell me how to make it stop

Parents grieving for their loved ones
Politicians want still more guns
Tell me how to make it stop

Global warming has seared our souls
Our leaders want us to burn more coal
Tell me how to make it stop

Lies from the left, hatred from the right
We’re all stuck in the middle of this fight
Tell me how to make it stop

Racism, sexism, ageism, casteism
All that’s missing is simple humanism
Tell me how to make it stop

God, if you are really up there
And if you even pretend to care
Tell me how to make it stop

Nine Eleven

Today, for the nineteenth time 
I will relive the terror
Of the day when the towers fell

Watching the jet plane blow up
In a giant fireball
That tore through the glass wall

Felt strangely cold
As if an icicle pierced my heart
And its freeze gripped my spine

The horror of the moment
Writ large on the twisted faces
With the dark dust cloud chasing them

How many more planes
How many more buildings
How many more people, we did not know

All we knew
As we stood arm in arm
Was that we were together as never before

That day brought to me
The very worst of humanity
Yet I also saw the very best that we can be

Nine Eleven
The damage can only be undone
If we come together again as one


In 1990, five New York youths were wrongfully convicted of the rape, assault and attempted murder of a jogger in Central Park. It later emerged that the police had manipulated them to obtain confessions that were false. In 2002 the serial rapist who had committed the crime was apprehended, his DNA matched that found on the victim and he confessed. The five young men, who had served over ten years in prison where some were brutalized, were released and the charges against them were vacated, but their lives were altered forever. The story of the Central Park Five has been dramatized in a new television series called ‘When They See Us’. It is on Netflix.

The next time someone tells you even the littlest white lie
Stop them and ask them please to reconsider: Why?
For this is the story of the Central Park Five
Who were forced to lie and nearly paid with their lives
Four young children, a young adult who wasn’t even there
Convicted of rape and murder in a manner most unfair
Hoodwinked by the cops, caught in their vicious snare
Condemned by a cruel city and a society that just didn’t care
A vile man even advertised that these five kids should die
He simply wouldn’t buy the truth that they were made to lie
That man is now our president - to him we turn a glass eye
Even though he’s committed crimes that he continues to deny
Bullied, cajoled, deceived by the law, five children took the fall
A justice this blind, this broken, should we call it justice at all?
When a young girl was raped and killed, on a whole nation it cast a pall
Five young innocents went to prison - no one bothered to answer their call

Five young humans faced the fearsome fury of a million naked apes
This is the heartbreaking story - of not one, but six gruesome rapes