Life can change in an instant
I have slowly come to believe
Over the sixty-three years I’ve lived

Doesn’t seem so long now
But almost two billion seconds is a lot
Even if each one was just a jot

A moment that is life-changing
Doesn’t need to be catastrophic
Or sudden, or violent, or even graphic

Like the first time you fell in love
As if you were struck by a lightning-bolt
You’re still trying to get over that jolt

Or the moment when you first saw
Van Gogh’s painting of a starry night
And can’t forget those magical swirls of light

Or the moment when you stood at the base
Of a snow-capped Himalayan peak
And realized how small you were, how weak

Or the time you sat by the bedside
Of a loved one who drew their last breath
And crossed the thin line from life to death

Most moments are lost even as they arrive
Then comes one straight out of the blue
And alters you in a way known only to you