Deeper Well

Don’t tell me about the power of now
Don’t tell me about the farmer and his plow
Don’t tell me what my stars foretell
I need to drink from a deeper well

Don’t insult my feelings with your inane labels
Don’t make my life sound like Aesop’s fables
I’m not in the market for what you want to sell
I need to drink from a deeper well

I’ve heard enough tales of faith and imagination
I’ve heard enough about the need for self-examination
I’ve heard enough clanging of the same old cowbell
I need to drink from a deeper well

Sometimes I am amused by your simple allegories
Sometimes life doesn’t divide neatly into categories
Sometimes life’s answers are not on a carousel
I need to drink from a deeper well

Frankly, I find your good cheer pestilential
Frankly, my dilemmas are quite existential
Frankly, I just don’t fit into your clientele
I need to drink from a deeper well

I’ve learned the lessons that a hard life teaches
I’ve no time left for motivational speeches
I’ve no penchant for philosophies in a nutshell
I need to drink from a deeper well

The inspiration I need will not fall from a tree
The inspiration I need is not in a book or a movie
The inspiration I need lives in my every cell
I need to drink from a deeper well

Good News

If you could use
A little good news
To help you get through the day

Have no fear
There’s lots of cheer
That I can bring your way

With my own eyes
I saw varicolored skies
As the sun rose in the east

The morning breeze
Put my mind to ease
As I enjoyed the harlequin feast

It wasn’t too long
‘Fore I heard the sweet song
Of the mynah on my windowsill

A bracing April shower
A carpet of jasmine flowers
My cup of bliss began to fill

I turned around
And to my delight, found
My loved one smiling at me

Yes, I am housebound
But my pleasures abound
Because I am happy just to be

When you feel stressed
Miserable, depressed
Just know that you will survive

When you keep your eyes
On life’s simple joys
You’ll know it’s great to be alive

Lose your fear and greed
Help those in dire need
Be generous, have an open mind

Dig into your reserve
To protect and to serve
Together, let’s save humankind