Travel Again

For too long I’ve sat alone
In this cold lonely room
For too long now I’ve borne
This world’s heavy gloom

Oh what I wouldn’t give
To board a bus or a train
You can have all that’s mine
If I can travel again

Make an unplanned trip
To some faraway land
Whose language and customs
I don’t understand

Wander through rows
Of exotic lamps and rugs
Buy a fridge magnet
Some T-shirts and mugs

Browse airport shops
Selling last-minute things
See the checkerboard fields
Beneath the plane’s wings

Lounge on a verandah
Watch the fog get thicker
Drink from a tall glass
Of cheap local liquor

Point at a picture
To order some food
Feel unexpected joy
When it’s surprisingly good

Hold hands and walk
On a golden sandy beach
Watch the setting sun
You can touch if you reach

Run and take shelter
From a sudden spell of rain
Oh what I wouldn’t give
Just to travel again