Tit for Tat

Tit for Tat

Why did you suddenly disappear
Where in the world did you go
There you are, locked inside your home
Peering out from a half-open window

How does the shoe fit on the other foot
Now you no longer have the stage
How do you feel when we roam free
And you are the one in the cage

Together we came to inhabit this planet
It was meant for us to share
You alone had the gift of sapience
Yet you decided you didn’t care

For millennia you have taken what’s ours
You’ve used us to satisfy your need
You drove us to near extinction
Oh you creature of insatiable greed

While you cower in your home, afraid
We’re free, we’ll roam at large
For too long now we’ve endured your rule
Let’s show you who’s really in charge

We warned you not to take us for granted
We too can play tit-for-tat
You’ll never know which of us did you in
The pangolin, the swine or the bat