Just once more
The hands of the clock
Spin magically backward
The pages of the calendar
Fly away with the winds of time
And we are young lovers again

Just once more
The local train arrives
The platform’s crowded as ever
I glimpse a familiar dress
And the thrum in my heart
Reverberates through my being

Just once more
The bus stop is deserted
You’ve been waiting for me
You frown: “Look how late you are!”
I clasp your hand in mine
And you smile your brightest smile

Just once more
We nurse two small coffees
For over an hour and a half
We paint our future’s rainbow
On uncertainty’s canvas
And it’s time to go, too soon yet again

Just once more
We sit on the same old beach
Watching an all-new sunset
Writing our names in the wet sand
And building castles that we know
Will wash away with the morning tide

Just once more
You look up into my eyes
I am transfixed, hypnotized
By your celestial beauty
And fragrant frangipani bloom
Right where you stand