Maracas Bay

Maracas Bay

I laid my footprints on the crescent beach
Specks of golden sand brightly shone
And shimmered in the warm morning glow
Of the gently rising orb of an orange sun

I stood and watched the palms as they swayed
And cast striped shadows on the ground
I thought of zebras on the Masai Mara
Untethered, unchained, untamed, unbound

My mind freed from the shackles of care
I dove into the cool and frothy waves
And let the deep blue sea cradle me
Free from a world that corrupts, depraves

Languidly I swam a mile, maybe two
I trailed my friend, a much better swimmer
I emerged, tired and hungry but so happy
And peered at faraway rocks a-glimmer

A quick walk back to a ramshackle shack
A welcome flask of cold Carib beer
Accompanied by a restorative snack
Eaten while sitting on a makeshift pier

Slowly I got up and shook off the sand
I promised I’d be back another fine day
Grateful, I took my friend by the hand
And said au revoir to Maracas Bay

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