Virtual Reality

In the virtual world of no circadian rhythms
Is it day or night out? My eyesight fails…
I fall through the darkness not knowing
If the train will ever get back on the rails

Afraid to blink lest I shut my all-seeing eye
Even for a moment; I am the new flesh…
I am now a piece of the technological pie
The technology is part of me…we mesh

I’ve outsourced my memory, my identity
My opinions are no longer my own…
All discourse is now just a game to me
The society is my entertainment zone

I am consumed by the content I consume
Is it horror or elation I feel? I cannot tell…
I conflate correlation with causation
Coincidence? No! On conspiracy I dwell

When two fictional characters in a novel
Meet in a bar, one of them is me…
I am no longer a real, living person
Just a node at the end of a data-tree

I revel in the grotesque, grisly, controversial
I flirt with toxicity; I swim with the sharks…
As if a monster ripped it open with its nails
Even my cool-drink can has claw marks

In vain, I seek intellectual resonance
Unstable, I evolve against my will…
I battle with cognitive dissonance
If I let it thrive, it will surely kill

Is the phone sewn to the palm of my hand?
Is the screen sewn into my eyelids?
Where does the technology end and I begin?
This is virtual reality… let’s hit the skids!

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