Thought on this day । I’d make some sense
Capture the essence । Of reality

Similes, metaphors । Garlands of words
Like the songs of birds । They say nothing

Worship of the word । Seems without meaning
Vacuously preening । Is not for me

The world around । Exudes artificiality
Is my sense of reality । Only my own?

This world is ruled । By the ruthless and cruel
A fetid cesspool । It scares me

Loved ones and friends । Older and younger
Wander and linger । Aimlessly

Sighted yet blind । They seek some treasure
When every pleasure । Is at hand

Material obsession । Consumes them all
They’re lost in its thrall । Self-serving

Their false prophets । Profess spirituality
But in actuality । Eye their wealth

I sit and watch । All this madness
Quiet, emotionless । Disinterested

I feel nothing । Happiness nor sorrow
Today and tomorrow । Are as one to me

I am of equal mind । About life and death
Will the next breath । Be my last?

Think I’ll cast away । This transient chrysalis
Leave vita mortalis । For infinity

One thought on “Infinity

  1. Elias November 14, 2020 / 4:21 am



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