Two Other Souls

A lifetime ago, it seems like now
He stood transfixed, his eyes a blur
She looked at him, and then away
She smiled at him. He knew it was her!

“She’s the one,” his heart said to him
He said, “How do you know?”
When he asked her and she said yes
His heart said, “I told you so!”

Together since, they were inseparable
Oh my, how time has flown!
By and by, they’ve come to realize
A few things they should have known

“You were always like this,” she says,
“I was the one who was blind!
Should have seen through your selfish ways
I thought you were sweet and kind!”

“Beat me with sticks and stones,” he says,
“Please don’t lash me with your tongue!
I’ve always admired your pearls of wit
Your curses hurt when so carelessly flung!”

Late-night arrivals, averted glances
The occasional anonymous call
Are they doomed? What are the chances
This affair of his – will it end it all?

Days wear on and nights get longer
Slowly her hopes begin to dim
She wants to leave, become stronger
But can she really live without him?

I see them now, on separate planets
Or at least on opposite poles
Is this the couple that once fell in love?
Alas… must have been two other souls!