Is He

Is He

Is He one thing or is He many things
Is He everything or is He nothing
Is He reality or is He an illusion
Is He clarity or is He confusion

Is He a dream or is He a nightmare
Is He everywhere or is He nowhere
Is He within me or is He within you
Is He all false or is He all true

Is He in the body or is He in the mind
Is He in a place we can ever find
Is He aversion or is He desire
Is He frigid ice or is He hot fire

Is He about darkness or about light
Is He about daytime or about night
Is He about breadth or about length
Is He about weakness or about strength

Is He concealed from us or is He manifest
Is He a curse upon us or are we blessed
Is He one that we can touch or feel
Is He one that will hurt us or heal

Is He the question or is He the answer
Is He the cure or is He the cancer
Is He the elephant and we the blind men
What if He is none of these – what then?

4 thoughts on “Is He

  1. You’ve wonderfully captured the classification dilemma in the minds of humans; which is quite often irrelevant and useless (eg, is it in the body, or is it in the mind”). What’s important is that “it is” 😉
    Keep writing!

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