Sweet Song

You can see clear to the horizon
Yet the path slithers like it were a snake
A solitary ripple stirs the still waters
Yet your boat trembles in its wake

On a sunny bright beautiful evening
A sudden cloud darkens the sky
All the clinquant colors of the rainbow
Melt into blackness – you wonder why

When all in the world is tranquil
An unknown longing haunts your mind
When you try to sing the evensong
A jarring note sneaks up from behind

Where did it go – the smile on your face
Where did it go – the peace in your heart
Whence did it come – this tear in your eye
You can’t understand why it all fell apart

You foresee the future, you relive the past
Your soul pines for what never will be
You reveal to them a countenance of mirth
So when the tears appear they will not see

Happiness and sorrow in equal parts
Make up the stories of all our lives
Some days we sing of good tidings
Some days from pain our song derives

Let your lips dance the dance of joy
Even if your eyes are filled with tears
When you begin to hum a sweet song
The fog lifts, the heartache disappears

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