Black and White

Black and White

(The final stanza was written by Krishna Kumar, a dear friend of mine.)

What if pride were white
And humility black?
What if greed were white
And charity black?

What if wrath were white
And temperance black?
What if envy were white
And kindness black?

What if lust were white
And chastity black?
What if gluttony were white
And abstinence black?

What if sloth were white
And diligence black?
What if revenge were white
And forgiveness black?

What if cruelty were white
And compassion black?
What if hatred were white
And love black?

What if death were white
And rebirth black?
What if funerals were white
And weddings black?

What if sin were white
And virtue black?
What if sorrow were white
And happiness black?

What if we learned, I pray
That black and white are as one
For each night turns into a day
It’s night when each day’s done

What if, in every colorless day
We search for only shades of grey
Color doesn’t lie ‘twixt black or white
We see it when a sight brings delight

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