Years ago
When we were friends
It seemed as though
We’d be friends always

Those days
You were so lonely
It seemed as though
I filled your emptiness

Then one day
I moved oceans away
It seemed as though
It had all been a dream

Soon enough
You found wealth, love
It seemed as though
You’d scaled the summit

On the days when
I needed to be needed
It seemed as though
You no longer needed me

Slowly, surely
We lost all contact
It seemed as though
We lived in different worlds

One morning
You were back in my life
It seemed as though
Our friendship would live again

No – it was lost
Floated away like a helium balloon
It seemed as though
It was meant never to be found

Look at you now
The one who has it all
It seems as though
You’re still lonely somehow

Here we are
Both of us yearning
It seems as though
This ache is all we share

15 thoughts on “Ache

  1. This is so raw, yet an accurate representation of a friendship that drifts away or breaks apart. This is beautifully written and expressed evocatively to the pain one endures when it happens and ends abruptly. Very moving, heartfelt and emotional.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. When I needed to be needed …..Ahaha what a superb ‘coding’ of situation…..Liked your poem very much.

    B Y Joshi


  3. Oh truely a nice poem !

    ” When I needed to be needed….. ” a piece of beautiful coding…..And feelings are wired well.


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