So Can I

So Can I

Defeated by darkness, night after night
The sun still rises every morning

Losing its radiance, waning through its phases
The moon perseveres to shine again

Tossed around by the storm, burst open by lightning
The cloud still floats joyously in the sky

Brought down in its prime by many an axe’s blows
The tree still dances carefree in the wind

Desecrated daily by heedless, hurtful humans
The river still flows, quiet, constant

Hunted by hungry predators, often before it’s born
The bird still sings its magical tune

Life is evanescent, death forever looms large
Yet every creature still lives and creates

If the sun can rise
The moon can shine
The cloud can float
The tree can dance
The river can flow
The bird can sing…

If they all can live
And create
So can I

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