14 thoughts on “Parasite

      1. I like the new title and that you have changed it, but the url of the poem does not change. I noticed this on my blogsite some years ago, and has made me somewhat averse to changing the title of any post after it is published.


      2. Yes I have noticed that too. The only recourse is to delete the post and post it again with the new title, but that will annoy my 160 followers, including you… 😊


  1. Having seen the evolution of this poem, I am fascinated by the confluence of creative forces! Thanks for crediting me on the sketch; in full transparency, may I say it was inspired by Matisse’s Blue Nude https://www.moma.org/audio/playlist/6/316 Matisse did not call it “despair”, but that is what I saw in this painting, hence the name I gave the sketch.

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