Everyday Things

Everyday Things

Life is a thing most people take for granted
For me, life is knowing I love you with every heartbeat

Death is a thing most people are afraid of
For me, death only means I won’t see you again for a while

Love is a thing that means many things to many people
For me, love is realizing how much you mean to me

Loss is a thing people feel when they lose what’s precious
For me, loss is missing you every second you are away

Wealth is a thing most people covet but only a few get
For me, wealth means nothing ‘cause I treasure you

Health is a thing that most people care and fret about
For me, health is glowing in the warmth of your care

Faith is a thing that makes people believe strange things
For me, faith is believing you will always be there for me

Values are a thing that makes people what they are
For me, our shared values have kept you and me together

Friends are a thing that most people cherish
For me, friends there are many but you are my best

Foes are a thing that bothers most people
For me, foes are no bother as long as you’re by my side

Joys are a thing that everybody lives for
For me, it’s a joy just to spend my days with you

Sorrows are a thing that no one ever wishes for
For me, sorrows took flight the moment you arrived

Dreams are a thing that helps people look forward
For me, every dream came true when I first held your hand

Hope is a thing that helps people face each new day
For me, hope springs anew every day I am with you

Life, death, love, loss, wealth, health, faith, values
Friends, foes, joys, sorrows, dreams, hopes….

Everyday things that everyone thinks about
Every day of my life I only think about you