Be idealistic
So you’ll know where you want to go

Be sagacious
So you’ll know why you want to go there

Be clear-eyed
So your destination stays in your sight

Be inventive
So you’ll discover new ways to get there

Be tenacious
So your failures won’t ever stop you

Be grateful
So you won’t get angry along the way

Be disciplined
So your progress will be constant

Be patient
So the road blocks will not frustrate you

Be sympathetic
So everyone else will walk along with you

Be compassionate
So others will help you in your time of need

Be honest
So you see your successes and failures clearly

Be truthful
So your words are always respected by others

Be frugal
So you will take from this Earth only what you need

Be magnanimous
So all your achievements come through service

Be humble
So you will only see what lies ahead of you

Be enlightened
So your path will stay lit in the darkest hour

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