Is it my madness
That helps me see the truth
Or is it the truth
That drives me mad

Is it my melancholy
That helps me feel the world’s anguish
Or is it the world’s anguish
That makes me melancholy

Is it my loneliness
That makes me a stranger in a crowd
Or is it this crowd of strangers
That makes me feel lonely

Is it my selfishness
That forces you to be unkind to me
Or is it your being unkind
That makes me so selfish

Is it my lack of imagination
That makes me feel exhausted
Or is it my exhaustion 
That prevents me from imagining

Are my feet so tired
From walking endlessly
Or have I stood in one place so long
That my feet can walk no more

Is it the vast empty sky
That stares into the abyss of my eyes
Or is it my dried up, empty eyes
That stare into the sky’s vast

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