I Remember

All of a sudden
The morsel sticks in my throat
And I remember
The delights you packed for me
When I went away to school

In a mere instant
The piece of fabric I hold
Takes on a strange new sheen
And I remember
It was your favorite color

For no reason at all
The melody on the radio
Brings me a smile or a tear
And I remember
It was your special song

Without a warning
The book I sit and read
Makes me fall into a reverie
And I remember
It was your best-loved novel

I am a grown man now
Responsible for my own actions
I was once an angry young rebel
And I remember 
You apologized for my truancy 

I have all I’ve ever wanted
And money to buy what I don’t
Back then we had so little
And I remember
You scrimped just to spoil me

I look back upon
This life that you gave me
I almost frittered it away
And I remember 
You taught me how to live and why

Life after you
Is like walking 
On a lonely beach
Where waves of grief 
Wash over my feet

They bring with them
Pretty little conch shells 
Of your memories
For me to collect
And treasure

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