Call that long lost friend today
Stop and smell that winsome flower
Mail the letter you meant to send today
Get drenched in that warm spring shower

Join those kids skipping rope today
Chase that elusive butterfly
Peer into that kaleidoscope today
Fly your kite high in the sky

Go sit on that garden swing today
Build your castles in the sand
Yodel until they hear you sing today
Serenade your love - hold her hand

Say all that you mean today
Don’t hold it in your heart
You must wipe the slate clean today
Finish everything that you start

Go face the people you’ve fought with today
Say sorry and help clear the air
Find someone to share a thought with today
To whom you can lay your soul bare

Help that blind man cross the road today
Give that beggar a generous gift
If someone’s tired, lighten their load today
Soothe those in grief, help their spirits lift

Give away what you hold so dear today
To someone who has much less
What price can you put on their cheer today
Cherish it when they say “God bless!”

Strive for whatever it’s worth today
Do what you’ve always wanted to do
It may be your last day on Earth today
That’s the one thing they never tell you

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