A Simple Man

(A humble tribute to Ogden Nash, my hero)
I become confused, quizzical
When it comes to matters metaphysical

I am faithful, fairly spiritual
But please spare me the part that’s ritual

I am relaxed, informal
Except when told tall tales of the paranormal

I am equanimous, actually benign
That doesn’t mean you can lecture me on intelligent design

I am not vengeful or litigious
But I do take issue with folks who are overly religious

I am of the sciences, logical
So don’t try to influence me with phenomena astrological

I can do civics, geography, even history
The one thing I won’t do is, well, theosophistry

I am amiable, not too rigorous
But my defense of the rational will always be vigorous

A simple man, I stick to life’s highways
I try not to get lost in these pseudo-intellectual byways

My life, thus far, has been quite ordinerary
A journey with neither a map nor an itinerary

4 thoughts on “A Simple Man

    1. Satyen Hombali

      Poornima, the poem is written in the style Ogden Nash adopted, where he often mis-spelled common words or even invented entirely new ones, sometimes for the sake of a rhyme as I have done, and sometimes just for fun. There is another invented word in my poem, theosophistry, that many readers did not catch. 😊


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