You lecture me about equality
Yet you thrived on enslavement
And you invented racism
The scourge that torments you now

You lecture me about gratitude
Yet you built your shining city on a hill
No! A burial mound for the natives
You massacred without remorse

You lecture me about peace
Yet you wage battles everywhere
You split the atom to win the great war
But left 146,000 dead

You lecture me about generosity
Yet you plundered what was never yours
Sucked the life out of your colonies
And sowed the insidious seeds of greed

You lecture me about compassion
Yet you put little children in cages
And build walls to keep out refugees
From the ravages of your own wars

You lecture me about tolerance
Yet every day your citizens kill their own
Blinded by their leaders’ provocations
And their own irrational fears

You lecture me about patriotism
Yet you conquered the whole world
And forced me to dwell in these borders
You drew on your colonial map

You lured me with your false promises
Made me a stranger among my own
I ran around your desert chasing mirages
You deprived me of a home

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