The Gift

Sometimes you have to drag your feet
Just to get through another day
Sometimes it seems there’s no meaning
To the words that people say

No matter how hard you strive
Things just won’t go your way
It seems so hard just to be alive
It seems like the pain is here to stay

Why me? Your soul wants to yell
Against the world you want to inveigh
No one listens to the story you tell
They make you feel like a worn cliché

Take a breath, friend, look up for a minute
Look at the green hills, listen to the blue jay
You are not alone, many of us are in it
Come out into the sunshine - come and play

There’s no doubt - these clouds will lift
The skies will no longer be grey
There’s no doubt - your luck will shift
And you will rise above the fray

All you need is a little persistence
And your life will be a long soirée
You were given the gift of existence
Please - do not fritter it away

Nine Eleven

Today, for the nineteenth time 
I will relive the terror
Of the day when the towers fell

Watching the jet plane blow up
In a giant fireball
That tore through the glass wall

Felt strangely cold
As if an icicle pierced my heart
And its freeze gripped my spine

The horror of the moment
Writ large on the twisted faces
With the dark dust cloud chasing them

How many more planes
How many more buildings
How many more people, we did not know

All we knew
As we stood arm in arm
Was that we were together as never before

That day brought to me
The very worst of humanity
Yet I also saw the very best that we can be

Nine Eleven
The damage can only be undone
If we come together again as one