Drops of limpid liquid

Falling like a string of pearls

Emanating from a slowly-melting glacier

Streams, pools and eddies

Slender silvery silk
Sliding down sheer rock-faces
Then scurrying downhill 
Like a gaggle of giggling schoolgirls

Sinewy slithering restless rapids

Roaring loud, tumbling down 
With a thrusting force

Like a winding hungry python 
Stalking its helpless prey

Rushing madly toward one another

Like languishing lovers 
Longing for an embrace 

Joining hands at the confluence 
To elope together

Ponderous, serene, expansive, voluminous

Stained now from encounters 
With countless towns

Patient, slower, quieter 
Yet exuding its awesome power

I have glimpsed the fascinating facets

Of the Himalayan river 
Known by many names

Yet those who receive 
Her gift of life 

Only call her 


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