Nobody ever really lives
Nobody ever really dies
These are two universal truths
The rest, my friend, are lies

We’re all mere figments
Of each other’s imaginations
Your legacy, but a fabrication
Of my fertile mind's machinations

So many who still live are dead to us
Yet so many who have died still live on
For we cherish truly what they meant to us
Their memories linger long after they’re gone 

In the wondrous remembered world
Everyone’s foibles can just vanish
Our minds have the awesome power
To remember only what we wish

I believe there is a fourth dimension
I believe we neither live nor die
Our memories, a portal to another world
Where the rules of our world don’t apply 

I’ll always remember the great writer
Who beautifully captured the gist:
“The world of memory is a perfect world
It brings back those who no longer exist”

5 thoughts on “Portal

  1. Sitaram

    Holmes, you are right. These are not merely your words – they are channeled through you. this is what they meant when they say Vedas (Wisdom) are apurusha and anaadhi.
    Thanks for being the poet.

    Liked by 1 person

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