The River*

I recently visited the towns of Rishikesh and Haridwar in northern India and witnessed the daily “Ganga Aarti” or prayer to the river Ganges. The lines that follow sprang from there.
Standing here, on the bank of the Ganges
Among a million people trying to drown their sins
Feeling alone as I have never felt before
Hearing only my silence amidst the deafening din

The flames, the music, the songs, the dance
The enthralled masses swinging as if in a trance
A rigorous logician, I chuckle as I watch
The chants get louder, the drumbeat rises a notch

As I watch them, I understand how they can feel
The power of this river that can soothe, that can heal
Suddenly I turn thoughtful, listen to the inner me
Suddenly I am able to look beyond what I see

Suddenly I realize that I am not all alone
Every pebble here talks to me, every cobblestone
As does the rushing stream with its shimmering foam
The mighty river really brings its message home

There are feelings to be felt by the subconscious soul
And emotions to be experienced without full control 
Oh what great gifts one’s faith can bestow
If only one can lose the self, let go of one’s ego

7 thoughts on “The River*

  1. Ram Josyula

    Beautiful poem! Is it beautiful because it is truth?
    I use logic but I find it is more useful to comfortably converse with a pebble.
    Enjoy the following video from a self proclaimed atheist logician I admire: Sam Harris (Self is an illusion).
    Much love,

    PS: Time to come back to the whatsapp chatter.. all is Maya anyway!


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