Give and Take

You sell us your history and your culture 
With your hardware and your software
Of our rich histories and our great cultures
You are unaware, or worse, you don’t care

We till your farms, we pick your fruit 
We clean your homes, we care for your young
And yet when acknowledging our existence
You always speak with a forked tongue

Your families are broken, your people are dying
From hopelessness, boredom and illicit drugs
Your reaction to this tragic catastrophe
Is an endless series of platitudes and shrugs

Almost forgotten are your religion’s teachings
Of truth, compassion, values and morals
All that’s left are debates about guns,
Abortion, gay sex and other petty quarrels

You fail to see that the root of all evil
Is your pointless pursuit of power and pleasure
The whiff of money is but a temporary high
You’re staggering away from life’s real treasure

Take a step back, while you still can
Save yourself a lifetime of heartache
Open your eyes, let the world show you
How to change your life with a little give and take

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