Poetry Is…*

Poetry is a fervent prayer 
To the gods of inspiration
Poetry is an ardent appeal 
To the powers of imagination

Poetry is emotions that crawl 
Out of you and raise their heads
Poetry is piercing pain 
That wants to tear your heart to shreds

Poetry is the palpitation 
Of man’s agonizing existence
Poetry is the evidence 
Of man’s excruciating experience

Poetry is the plaintive wail 
Of the mind’s unmet expectations
Poetry is the towering crescendo 
Of the soul’s reverberations

Poetry is the passionate petition 
For alms - of the right word
Poetry is the midnight machinations 
Of the crazy and the absurd 

Poetry is the lotus flower 
That blooms in life’s murky morass
Poetry is the pretty picture 
The poet sees in his looking glass

Poetry is the portrait 
The poet paints with his potent quill
Poetry is the essence of life 
Which only the poet can distill 

Poetry is the playful whimsy 
That brings a smile to your face
Poetry is the magic spell 
That makes you forget time and space

Poetry is the silver moonlight 
That shines on us all
Poetry is the beautiful dream 
That does not wait for night to fall

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