Make Me*

Torch me with the harsh rays of the summer sun
So I can grow like a tall leafy tree
And give shade to the weary traveller who sits under me

Strike me with the painful blows of the hammer
So I can take shape like a beautiful sculpture
And give much joy to those who come to see me

Burn me with the singeing flames of the potter’s fire
So I can mould myself into a hard ceramic pot
And quench the thirst of the ones who drink from me

Melt me into the flaming liquid that bubbles in the crucible
So I can fashion myself into a pretty necklace
And adorn the neck of a woman with my golden gleam

Stretch me into the thread that twists to its breaking point
So I can weave myself into a soft velvety fabric
And grace the form of the wearer with my silky sheen

Crush me like the grape that spews all its juice
So I can ferment myself into a fine crimson Cabernet
And intoxicate the drinker with my potent heady flavor

You made me what I am - now help me become what I can be
So I can find meaning in this life you’ve gifted me
And give myself up in the service of those who need me

8 thoughts on “Make Me*

  1. Stretch me tight twixt the bridge and the tuning pegs
    So I can hum in perfect pitch EADGBE
    And bewtich the audience with my poetry and melody.. No wait, you already do that! Another brilliant one Holmes!


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