You lie awake, in desperate straits
Nothing is going your way
You try so hard to take control
But everything is going astray

When life overwhelms, has me confused
I know just the thing to do
I go lie down and take a short nap
For maybe an hour or two

As my eyelids close, the muses appear
And we’re off on the voyage of our life
We sample the nectar, we ride unicorns
We hear gryphons playing tunes on the fife

We climb hills made of soft muddy fudge
We pluck chocolate bars from the trees
We drink the sweet juice that’s flowing in streams
In ice-cream we sink to our knees

One by one life’s cares fall away
And I’m like a child once more
I can wake up and face the rest of the day
No matter what Fate has in store

When you sleep, you dream, your faith is restored
And hope, eternal, springs
You can walk, you can run, you can soar, you can fly
Dreaming - it gives you wings

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