I stumbled upon the Buddha
He’d become one with his tree
The serenity of his face
Brought it all home for me

To be one with the elements
That we touch, feel and see
That bring the universe alive
Is the supreme way to be

To be like the ocean
With its awesome cresting waves
And its calm, tranquil heart
Like a thousand cathedral naves

To be like a cloud
That brings the gift of rain
Turn a parched summer land
Into a fount that can sustain

To be like the breeze
That caresses all that lives
And carries with it the scent
That the Frangipani gives

To be like the tree
That shelters in its shade
Many a weary traveler
No matter how far he’s strayed

Sometimes you have to see it
Have it spelled out for you
A thousand words will fail
At what a picture can do

2 thoughts on “Picture*

  1. What beautiful thoughts brought out by this sighting of the Buddha grown into the tree! This is what differentiates poets from the rest of us mortals: that unique eye that can see magnificent color behind the black-and-white!


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