No Man’s Land

Halfway between questioning and belief lies a no man’s land
Those of us who venture on it are trying to understand
There are times when the universe feels like a masterstroke
Equally as often though, one wonders if it’s a joke

On one side there are the folks who exude rationality
Their ranks are closed - among them there is solidarity
The scientific method has an answer for every question
Intelligent design? Forsooth! They bristle at the suggestion

On the other side are those whose belief is nearly total
For them the earthly life is nothing if not sacerdotal
Creationism is their creed, evolution is bah-humbug
They’ve drunk the religious Kool Aid, it’s their preferred drug

If there’s a power that designed a flower, why did it invent wars?
Then again, what random event could create Earth, Venus and Mars?
If we humans just evolved, whence came love and compassion?
Then again, we demonstrate that cruelty is more in fashion

Every so often a genius such as Einstein comes along
Every so often an Edith Piaf enthralls us with her song
Every so often we marvel at a Picasso, Van Gogh or Monet
Soon our nascent belief is shattered when a Hitler joins the fray

Let the believers go on believing that it’s all preordained
Let the atheists go on calling the believers harebrained
Let the questioners vacillate forever and never take a stand
Let us enjoy our short time here - welcome to no man’s land!

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