What kind of a night is this
The wolves are all quiet
But the moon is howling

What kind of a night is this
The ghosts are all hushed
But the trees and vines are full of chatter

What kind of a night is this
The cicadas are all silent
But there’s a raucous cacophony in my ears

What kind of a night is this
The sea is wave-less, still
But there’s a raging tsunami drowning my mind

What kind of a night is this
I can see you with my eyes shut tight
But it all goes dark the moment they’re open

What kind of a night is this
Your warm breath still lingers on my cheek
But my hand falls, limp, on your empty pillow

No Man’s Land

Halfway between questioning and belief 
Lies a no man’s land
Those of us who venture on it 
Are trying to understand
There are times when the universe 
Feels like a masterstroke
Equally as often though 
One wonders if it’s a joke

On one side there are the folks 
Who exude rationality
Their ranks are closed - among them 
There is solidarity 
The scientific method has an answer 
For every question
Intelligent design? Forsooth! 
They bristle at the suggestion

On the other side are those 
Whose belief is nearly total
For them the earthly life is 
Nothing if not sacerdotal
Creationism is their creed 
Evolution is bah-humbug
They’ve drunk the religious Kool Aid 
It’s their preferred drug

If there’s a power that designed a flower 
Why did it invent wars?
Then again, what random event 
Could create Earth, Venus and Mars?
If we humans just evolved 
Whence came love and compassion?
Then again, we demonstrate that 
Cruelty is more in fashion

Every so often a genius 
Such as Einstein comes along
Every so often an Edith Piaf 
Enthralls us with her song
Every so often we marvel 
At a Picasso, Van Gogh or Monet
Soon our nascent belief is shattered 
When a Hitler joins the fray

Let the believers go on believing
That it’s all preordained
Let the atheists go on calling 
The believers harebrained
Let the questioners vacillate 
Forever and never take a stand
Let us enjoy our short time here
Welcome to no man’s land!


On Mondays I wake up
And I am a butterfly
My thoughts flit all over
But I am happy, I don’t know why

On Tuesdays I wake up
And I am a sly fox
All my slinky moves
Are calculated to flummox

On Wednesdays I wake up
And I am a blue whale
I can make a big whoosh
All I have to do is exhale

On Thursdays I wake up
And I am a tiger, I roar
All day I prowl, hungry
More, I yell, I want more!

On Fridays I wake up
And I am a swordfish
You’ll never catch me, old man
However much you may wish

On Saturdays I wake up
And I am a mongoose
If you happen to be a snake
You’d better not be on the loose

On Sundays I wake up
And I am an armadillo
I just curl up in a ball
Under my warm pillow

No matter how I wake up
She's always got my number
She says I’m her baa-lamb
And I smile in my slumber

A Prayer

(This was for everyone in New Zealand, which had one of its darkest days in 2019.)

Another forty-nine are dead
What now is left for saying
Another forty-nine are dead
Even as they were praying

Another forty-nine are dead
Where is turning the other cheek?
Another forty-nine are dead
Where is compassion for the meek?

Another forty-nine are dead
Now is it only an eye for an eye?
Another forty-nine are dead
How many more souls have to die?

Another forty-nine are dead
Hatred is an insidious drug
Another forty-nine are dead
One man’s martyr is another’s thug

Another forty-nine are dead
They say prayer will ease the pain
Another forty-nine are dead
How many more left to be slain?

Another forty-nine are dead
And we go on with our lives serene
If you are there, o listener of prayers
When, oh when will you intervene?


If your eyes and mine had never met
My life would end with this regret
The story of our love
Would remain untold

If I hadn’t worshiped you from afar
As if you were a distant star
The yearning of my spirit
Would remain untold

If our love was to be unrequited
Were we never to be united
The longing of my soul
Would remain untold

If one day you hadn’t looked at me
Your eyes welled up in a desperate plea
The tempest in my chest
Would remain untold

If through your tears you hadn’t said to me
We must not dream of what can never be
The breaking of my heart
Would remain untold

If alone I didn’t face my death
If alone I didn’t draw my last breath
This final chapter of my tale
Would remain untold


Vibrations… are a kitty’s mew
Vibrations… are a pigeon’s coo

Vibrations… are the flutter of bees
Vibrations… are the waves on seas

Vibrations… wake a tranquil lake
Vibrations… make an awesome quake

Vibrations… are the source of light
Vibrations… are the gift of sight

Vibrations… make the whole world go
Vibrations… make the bright stars glow

Vibrations… are how we hear
Vibrations… tell us love is near

Vibrations… are how souls unite
Vibrations… are the lovers’ rite

Vibrations… are the primal stew
Vibrations… are how we grew

Vibrations… are nature’s cue
Vibrations… are me and you