Don't Be Like That*

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Don’t be like the sparrow
That chirps in the high rafters
Then flies away after a minute

Don’t be like the mist
That shrouds the morning like a mystery
Then lifts its veil in a blink

Don’t be like the whirlwind
That brings a fallen golden leaf within reach
Then whisks it away in a gush

Don’t be like the firefly
That flits in the dark, lighting its jagged journey
Then escapes from the cupped hand

Don’t be like the rainbow
That paints the sky with its glorious palette
Then melts away into the light

Don’t be like the moon
That lights up a million faces with its pearly glow
Then conceals itself behind the clouds

This moment with you
Is all I have left to live for
Please, don’t go

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