Questions and Answers

Philosophy is all about asking questions
Yet we think we have all the answers
The bard said the world is our stage
Yet we hobble, like crippled dancers

There’s so much love all around
Yet oh so many hearts are broken
Everybody has so much to say
Yet the important remains unspoken

Our Earth is a thing of beauty
Yet we are fascinated by what’s ugly
Preserving it is our only salvation 
Yet we destroy it - and do it so smugly

We believe there’s extra-terrestrial life
That we've made it our mission to find
Yet we watch dumbly as lives are destroyed
Here on our planet, and we don’t seem to mind

Our own beliefs are what shapes us
Yet we question the beliefs of others
Aren’t we all brothers and sisters
And sons and daughters to our mothers?

If all our stories are just lies
Why are we so in their thrall?
If our life does have a meaning
Why does its meaning escape us all?

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