At the recently concluded Jaipur Film Festival, the author and poet Ben Okri spoke of the importance of stories in a person’s and a nation’s life. He also acknowledged that the childhood stories he heard from his mother were his greatest influence.

Some stories are like straight lines
They go on, over the horizon
Never reaching the end

Some stories are like circles
The beginning is the end
And the end, the beginning

Some stories are elliptical
Like the ones Ben Okri’s mother told him
They do come around, but after they’ve wandered a little

Some stories are like pentagrams
That need all five senses (maybe even six)
To reveal the secrets they hide

Some stories are hyperbolic
Where the author’s fancy
Literally knows no bounds

Seems like Euclid
Knew something we don’t
When he conceived geometry

My story? It is the point
Of all the stories

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