Tiger Tiger

(I recently visited Tadoba, a tiger reserve in central India, with some friends. These thoughts came from that visit.)

You hunt, you kill, you eat, you sleep
When you’re thirsty you go to the watering hole
It’s we who have made a mystery of your life
It’s we who believe you’re an elusive soul

If you know we’re around, you don’t seem to care
Though we work so hard to make you aware
We rev our engines, we yap, we yell
We chitter, we chatter, we run around pell-mell

We look for your “pug marks” and debate if they’re fresh
We strain our eyes to peer through the bamboo mesh
We hotly contest each other’s claims of a kill
Yet we know you’re there, watching us, completely still

When finally you step out with your regal gait
Our jaws fall open – it’s been worth the wait
When you stop, we ooh, when you turn, we aah
When you stoop a little and poop, we go gaga

We don’t care that our curiosity may be hurting you
We ambush you with our cameras as soon as you come through
We’ve turned your pristine world into yet another zoo
Sometimes I wonder – who should be watching who?

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