You have computers that can think
And machines that can learn
Yet you watch helplessly
As your wildfires burn

You have orbital engines
And driverless cars
And business executives
Who want to colonize Mars

Your intelligence is artificial
Your reality is virtual
Your robots may be kind
But their masters are cruel

Your dictators wage war
On innocent children and women
They are killing with impunity
In Burma, Syria and Yemen

Everywhere in the world
You are busy building walls
And dividing people
Into convenient cabals

Where will you be
When the day of judgment calls?
You know who’s laughing at you?
The Neanderthals

5 thoughts on “Neanderthals

  1. Excellently put! What a sorry lot we all are! What a depleted world we leave behind for our future generations! Beyond all of this is the damage to the ecology, animal, bird, insect, plant life, atmosphere, waters et al that we are continuously doing! Hegemony at all levels from the home to the city to the state to the country to the world! Kali Yug definitely!


  2. Ramarao

    Nice poem showing our limitations inspite of the the technological advances. Humans are still powerless to stop many natural disasters. Most of the world does not even have good supply of drinking water. Genocides can be stopped if we are more tolerant of diversity. AI can not help here but right philosophy and poetry could.


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