When I dream of gossamer and dew
I only dream of you
When I dream of an ocean blue
I only dream of you

When I dream of birds that coo
I only dream of you
When I dream of a sunset hue
I only dream of you

When I dream of a chalet bijou
I only dream of you
When I dream of a wondrous view
I only dream of you

When I dream of directions new
I only dream of you
When I dream of a friend to turn to
I only dream of you

When I dream of a big breakthrough
I only dream of you
When I dream of a dream come true
I only dream of you

The Exception

My child – she is the picture of innocence
Your boy – he exudes moral decadence!

My religion? It is completely inclusive
But women in temples? That’s just intrusive!

Mine is not a provincial mind
Those Southies? They are all that way inclined!

Corruption? That’s the realm of politicians
Me? I just survive on my meager commissions!

I am the very paragon of cleanliness
My feet are dirty because your floor is a mess!

By nature I am hardly suspicious
But I just know you are up to something pernicious!

Everyone today is such a hypocrite
There are very few exceptions – in fact I am it!

Who Are You*

Who are you?
I asked the withered yellow leaf
That drifted into my back yard
I am your past, it said
I have had a glorious spring and summer
But now there is little left of me

Who are you?
I asked the bright blue bird
That perched on my window sill
I am your future, it said
I am bound for faraway places
To see the person you have yet to be

Who are you?
I asked the busy brown ant
That scurried across my doorstep
I am your present, it said
I would love to stay and chat
But we have work to do, don’t we?

Who are you?
I asked the quiet melting candle
That burned in a corner of my room
I am your life, it said
With every passing moment there is less left of me
But I must keep burning so you can see

I Adore You

You use me, want to lose me
With that smile you confuse me

You tell me that you love me
But all day you push and shove me

You say that you want me
Then you tease me and taunt me

You say you want to please me
Okay then, love, just release me

I beg you, I beseech you
To leave me; I won’t reach you

I warn you, yes, darn you,
Please go away, I won’t mourn you

I’ll run away, I’ll leave you
For all your sins I’ll forgive you

Can’t stand you, I abhor you
Secretly, though, I adore you

Back Door

You go right ahead, my friend
Go ahead and grab that stash
Whenever you need absolution
Just spare us a little of that cash

Lying, cheating, profiteering
That’s the norm in this world of sin
Concerned about the afterlife?
No worries mate, the fix is in!

So what if it feels a little wrong?
We’re here to help, so please relax!
Just memorize this devotional song
And don’t forget the entertainment tax!

Stealing from the mouths of the poor and the weak
Well – that’s not such an abomination
There’s a reason they’re poor: they’re meek!
All you need to bring is that small donation

All that stuff about doing good
My friend, that’s just folklore
In the wonderful world of faith
Remember, there’s always the back door!

Every New Day

Every new day adds a color to my palette
Why then is my canvas still white

Every new day I find a shimmering pearl
Why then is my necklace still a rope

Every new day begins like an unread novel
Why then are the words only a blur

Every new day I open my window
Why then is my room a pool of darkness

Every new day brings with it a promise
Why then do I lie in bed unfulfilled

Every new day I wander the desert
Looking for more than these telltale signs of you

Every new day I pine for a miracle
I stumble like a blind man but with eyes that can see

Is every new day a new marker on my path
Are the limits of my own imagination blinding me?

What Fire*

What fire burns in you?

Is it the tranquil glimmer of the candle in the window
That tells the world of the peace that reigns in the home?

Is it the serene radiance of the lamp in the temple
That reminds the faithful it is time for the evening prayer?

Is it the flickering glow of a firefly fluttering in the dark night
That sketches the pulsating lightscapes mimicking the stars?

Is it the blinking beam of a beacon piercing the storm clouds
That comforts the little boats bobbing on the waves?

Is it the leaping flame of a funeral pyre
That turns our remains into the celestial dust we are made of?

Is it the boiling cauldron of fusion
That consumes you in an unending explosion
And helps light up a billion lives a million miles away?

Tell me, what fire burns in you?