Road Song

Every traveler must have
A song for their road
It makes the journey easier
It lightens their heavy load

Some days it’s such a thrill
Speeding along the highways
On other days life’s happiness
Hides in the lanes and byways

Sometimes the trip is easy
The road is smooth like a feather
Sometimes the going gets tough
When you must fight nasty weather

The clouds gather quickly
Looks like a thunderstorm
Oh how the heart is longing
For someplace cozy and warm

When the night is dark and moonless
With nary a soul in sight
It’s such a wonderful feeling
To see a diner’s blinking light

Inside, a weary waitress
Greets you with her warm smile
Her simple hospitality
Makes the pit-stop worthwhile

The bar is full of travelers
They’re tired too, no one talks
The only comfort you can find
Comes from a quarter and a jukebox

When you must make your living
On the road, while you roam
If home is where the heart is
Can the road become your home?

Like every other traveler
I too sing my road song
I see how wide my road is
I just don’t know how long