El Dorado

Will the Dow go up today?
Or will it go down?
Will I be all smiles today?
Or will it end with a frown?

The sun must have risen and set again
Over distant palm fronds
I missed it again – to no great bane
I’m immersed in stocks and bonds

My little boy came up to me
“Daddy, can we play?”
“Son, can’t you see I’m busy?
Leave me alone, go away!”

“It’s late dear, please come to bed,”
Implored my darling wife
“Not now, honey, I’m still in the red,”
Just another day in the life

“Come to tea,” said a friend
“I have no time,” I snapped
Friendships don’t pay a dividend
Their value is strictly capped

Good news! Now I have money
But no wife, family or friends
How things work out, it’s funny
Is this how it all ends?

I let fear and greed take hold
I let it all get out of hand
I let go of the real gold
Now I am sifting the sand

El Dorado is a lonely place
Where you lose more than you find
I found the gold, thought I’d won the race
But you know, I lost my mind

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