Who Are You*

Who are you?
I asked the withered yellow leaf
That drifted into my back yard
I am your past, it said
I have had a glorious spring and summer
But now there is little left of me

Who are you?
I asked the bright blue bird
That perched on my window sill
I am your future, it said
I am bound for faraway places
To see the person you have yet to be

Who are you?
I asked the busy brown ant
That scurried across my doorstep
I am your present, it said
I would love to stay and chat
But we have work to do, don’t we?

Who are you?
I asked the quiet melting candle
That burned in a corner of my room
I am your life, it said
With every passing moment there is less left of me
But I must keep burning so you can see

5 thoughts on “Who Are You*

  1. samvswami

    This is the most beautiful poem so far, although they are all beautiful Holmes ! And I think I finally set up my own WordPress account properly so that my comments will hopefully now get posted. Let me know if you get them please


  2. Ramachandran Narayanan

    Hi Satyen,
    I just read every stanza again and again to enjoy and relish the picture crossing my mind! So lovingly and vividly expressed and composed I could feel the leaf, the bird, the ant and the candle speaking so softly to me!! The scene of the melting candle is just atop of all! Am blessed to hv you as a friend who shares!! Keep opposing and thus keep me engaged into it.



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