What Fire*

What fire burns in you?

Is it the tranquil glimmer of the candle in the window
That tells the world of the peace that reigns in the home?

Is it the serene radiance of the lamp in the temple
That reminds the faithful it is time for the evening prayer?

Is it the flickering glow of a firefly fluttering in the dark night
That sketches the pulsating lightscapes mimicking the stars?

Is it the blinking beam of a beacon piercing the storm clouds
That comforts the little boats bobbing on the waves?

Is it the leaping flame of a funeral pyre
That turns our remains into the celestial dust we are made of?

Is it the boiling cauldron of fusion
That consumes you in an unending explosion
And helps light up a billion lives a million miles away?

Tell me, what fire burns in you?

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